Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer Advocate

So I have been checking out the Beer Advocate site and there is a wealth of info, for sure. What I can't help but try to mentally disregard is the beer reviews. If you look up a bottled beer that you truly enjoy I can just about promise you that you will find reviews bad mouthing that beer. When I personally read these reviews I can't help but think " What the hell do you know?" I mean, can I tell you that the beer you love and crave sux without you being offended? It offends me, dang it! I was talking to a guy at a bar one night and he was a " beer advocate" review type. We started talking about the fresh brewed breakfast stout up the street, which is my favorite, and he had the nerve to say that it was the worst beer he had ever tasted. I stop and look, I am drinking a schlafly draft of some sort and he is drinking Pabst! I am like, you are judging brew and yet you sit and drink from the top 3? The guy was wearing me out! I can't help but wonder what he feels is a good stout. A bud light with a cup of starbucks poured in? Craft beer is in the eye of the beholder, but if you are a stout fan then there are varying degrees. Same as with Porters, IPAs, Pale Ales, etc. This is just my take and maybe I am off base but I couldn't help but feel that I had a wine tasting wanna be craft beer drinker on my hands!!!!! :)

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