Friday, December 30, 2011

Thats What I am Talking About!

I don't wanna get my efforts confused with the more proficient home brewers. I am looking for folks that like to make their own equipment, experiment, get stuff from the grocery store that will give ya a buzz in less than a month, etc. I mean "HOME" brew. I have yet to buy the big cut with a primary fermenter, secondary fermenter, wands, hoses, bottling equipment etc. Not to say I wont, cause I will. But at this stage I am making fruit juice wine, carbonating my home brew with a c02 powered tire inflater and a 2 liter bottle with a valve stem in the cap. I have 2 gallon pickle jugs to ferment in, etc. I think all of that " I wonder how this can help me make beer and wine?" thing, ya know? I know there is more like me out there. I know you have a couple tricks up your sleeve, right? I will share my experiments thus far and in return I am looking for insight on common supplies and tools for beer/wine making that I may have over looked. I really do wanna take my beer to the next level but part of me looks back at the historical original beer makers and I can't help but think " Hey, you aren't using star san and your airlock carved of wood just isn't' gonna cut it!" If you feel what I am saying just let me know. :) I am looking for more info on my blog so POST, POST POST! Bottled craft beer, beer gone wrong, could have should have, I made this from.... Can you help me out?

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