Friday, December 30, 2011

What is Craft Beer?

I am searching for the actual definition of craft beer and the opinion varies so much. All that I can give is what I feel it to mean. It is a beer that acquires a local, and sometimes not so local, following that doesn't have the taste, look or feel of a mass produced beer. A lot of times they have a quirky name and packaging, they have something that screams " You ain't gonna find me in your typical convenience store beer cooler" and usually has a taste that needs to be acquired. I remember the first time I tasted a fresh brewed stout carrying the name " Breakfast stout" I was thinking to myself, "How would a fella drink enough of something that tasted like that to get a buzz?" Now, when I am trying new brews, I have to force myself to try anything but a stout or porter because I love the taste that much! I would love any true beer connoisseur to chime in and let me know his take on what a true craft beer is. God bless and CHEERS! :)

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