Friday, December 30, 2011

Iodine as a Sanitizer

I have been using sanitizers that have come with the beer kits I use up to this point. I was talking to the local brew master one day and sanitizing came up. I told him what I had been using and asked him what he thought of the no rinse sanitizers. He told me to hold up and he disappeared for a minute. He came back with a little flip top bottle and handed it to me. He told me this is all he uses for all of his sanitizing needs. He cleans his lines, equipment, gauge adapters, etc. with......IODINE! He told me there is no need to rinse it if you can't see it or smell it. But if you can, a little bit of rinsing with clean water will do the trick. I also make wine and have used iodine for sanitizing after fermentation but I don't think that wine is anywhere near as temperamental as beer. I am going to do the research and also experiment a bit but if anyone has a thumbs up or don't you dare on this, I would love to hear it!

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